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There is a plugin called WP-Cron Control to check your scheduled events. Other way to check it is using WP-CLI via command-line, using this command: wp cron event list Hope this helps!


WordPress has an undocumented function, _get_cron_array, that returns an array of all currently scheduled tasks. We are going to use a crude but effective method to dump out all the tasks using var_dump. For ease of use place the following code in the plugin: echo '<pre>'; print_r( _get_cron_array() ); echo '</pre>'; for more ...


Have tried plugins for wordpress cronjob plugins Cronjob Scheduler and SetCron are worthy a shot... my personal favorite is Cronjob Scheduler.. with cronjob scheduler Running your cron tasks Most shared providers offer a crontab manager, or you can speak to your shared hosting provider about setting up our cron job. If you manage the server, you can ...

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