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The best way is to not do that. There's no need for a plugin file to ever include the wp-config.php. You're doing it backwards. WordPress loads plugins. Plugins don't load WordPress.


You can apply the language_attributes filter to language_attributes() function (source). Basically you can do this by adding something like this to your functions.php: add_filter('language_attributes', 'custom_lang_attr'); function custom_lang_attr() { return 'lang="en-US"'; } Note: Keep in mind, that you're overwriting the language parameter; the ...


I use a plugin for this issue. Even if debug is set to false, it still prints error to the screen in red. It is easy and fast to create the plugin. In your plugins folder in your wordpress install, create a new file and call it anything you like, for instance, debugger-plugin.php. Open up your newly created file, and paste the following code in there ...


Modify your installation such that your custom Farsi language files are associated with a non-standard WPLANG value. For example, instead of the standard 'fa_IR', maybe try something non-standard like 'farsi_IR' (or even 'myCustomFarsi_IR'). This way, when new WordPress versions are released for the "official" Farsi version, you will no longer get ...

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