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Add this: define( 'PLUGIN_DIR', ABSPATH . '/ext' );


There is actually nothing unique about setting multisite on XAMPP, all you need to do is properly configure the webserver as a proper webserver, and skip the lazy practice of using localhost as your site domain. Select some random domain you are not likely to use in your web use, edit your hosts file to point that domain to, and set the vhost in ...


wp-config.php file do not have to be at the root directory, it can also be at the directory above it (that way they are not easily accessible from the web even if php interpreter malfunctions).


You can simply copy the password from wp-config.php to reset the password of the user. Then, if you have phpMyAdmin, check that you can login with the user and the password. If you can't log in phpMyAdmin, check that the user has access to the database. If nothing work, there's probably something wrong with the server.


Make sure the new server host is the same as the old one ... some hosting services require you to put for example : .... instead of localhost ... Edit : To be sure there's something wrong around your database! whether it is the IP, the host the mysql user/password ... double checkout from your wp-config.php and make sure you database has ...


The database prefix is probably different on the new server. Make sure they match or you can change the prefix accordingly in your wp-config file. The prefix line in your wp-config file looks something like this: $table_prefix = 'wp_';

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