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So in the old days when WordPress updated you got the whole shebang and deleting Akismet after every time was deadly boring. Things had slightly improved since then (partially driven by minimizing traffic it takes to serve update to everyone), but process also got more complicated. Now there are multiple versions of update archive that core might receive ...


I got my problem solved by this article Try this in case you're facing the same problem.


I would recommend to define this constant in your wp-config.php to force HTTPS on admin: define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true); Also, there is a function called is_admin() which could be helpful in your case. if ( is_admin() ) { $_SERVER['HTTPS'] = 'on'; } However, if you have a rule in your web server forcing all wp-admin and wp-login.php requests to ...


@PieterGoosen gave some good advice. Focus on that, But if you really wan it, then you can set debug ON temporarily on your website this way. In your wp-config.php use this instead. if ( isset( $_GET['debug'] ) && 'debug' == $_GET['debug'] ) { define( 'WP_DEBUG', true ); } Then access your website homepage/any page and add ?debug=debug at the ...

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