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We you want to customise your Error Establishing Database Connection to something else then you need to create a file. Here is the documentation for that


What's the risk? On a poorly configured shared host, every customer's PHP will execute as the same user (let's say apache for discussion). This setup is surprisingly common. If you're on such a host and use WordPress to install the plugin using direct file access, all of your plugin files will belong to apache. A legitimate user on the same server would ...


Although there's no sign of any support currently for named pipes in Wordpress, Ticket #32798 on the Wordpress Trac added functionality for using named pipes under Windows. However, because it awaits review, it is not currently part of the Wordpress Software, nor is it supported.


NO NEED TO HIDE! You will waste energy. it has no secruity. Read this -


1) The first thing you have to do is to open the wp-config.php file from your WORDPRESS root folder.(wordpress/wp-config.php). 2) Paste the below code to your wp-config.php just below every other line of code. define('FS_METHOD','direct');


Guess it needs to be said first - it is a bad idea in general to just let anyone that succeeded to trick you into uploading his PHP onto your server to actually be able to write to your code directories. It is double problematic if you let him access to your root credentials and write to anywhere on your server. That said, it sounds like you just don't have ...

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