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Have you tried turning off errors / warnings on your Server? Maybe no per WP_DEBUG, but rather some setting on your Servers admin interface. Many times I encountered this error, it was caused by a Warning of some plugin.


I thoroughly checked file system matters. Most people, I guess use the 'suexec' paradigm: one ftpuser, one webuser (alias apache, wwwuser, http or similar). Both typically being in the same group. If the webuser directly triggers the download and than placing the files (thus he becomes the owner), I don't think anything is wrong with that. If you still ...


Here is my take: RewriteRule (?:readme|license|changelog|-config|-sample)\.(?:php|md|txt|html?) - [R=404,NC,L] 404 (not existing) rather than 403 (forbidden) to avoid any clue about existence. also in subfolders (i.e. themes and plugins, which might offer attack opportunities) case-insensitive, extension-flexible, also catches README.html, or ...

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