Questions about the site wordpress.org and its interactions with APIs, the theme and plugin repositories, Trac, Codex, project development teams, and similar topics. Do not use this tag just to mark a self-hosted installation.

WordPress.org is the website where development of the WordPress software is centralized. The site includes the official Theme and Plugin repositories, the official WordPress project documentation wiki, and the official support forums. The site also includes the WordPress project bug tracking, and project development community contributor discussion areas for core development, WordPress UI, Theme review, accessibility, and translation.

PLEASE NOTE: Questions using this tag are generally limited to interaction between WordPress and wordpress.org APIs, WP-Admin interaction with the Theme/Plugin repositories, WordPress Trac, the WordPress Codex, project development teams, and similar topics. General support questions about wordpress.org, the wordpress.org support forums, wordpress.org user accounts, etc. are out of scope for WPSE.

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