OFF TOPIC. An e-commerce store plugin. Questions *specific* for this plugin are off-topic.

WooCommerce is an open source eCommerce plugin available for . It enables you to freely sell products from your WordPress site. WooCommerce is enterprise-level quality and is built in and . The plugin goes hand in hand with WooThemes, a commercial marketplace for selling themes and plugins for WordPress.

How to ask for help

When submitting a question please try to provide the System Status Report. This can by found in your WordPress dashboard and going to WooCommerce > System Status. Click on the button that says Get System Report and paste the information provided into your question.

Before submitting a question

  • Ensure you have the latest versions of WordPress, your theme and all plugins.
  • Check for theme or plugin conflicts. This includes switching to a default WordPress theme such as Twenty Fifteen and disabling all other plugins.
  • Keep in mind that StackOverflow is not an official support channel for WooThemes.

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