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As there can be more than one error for user names, the accepted answer could remove errors we would want to preserve. For example entering a user name of 123 would now pass whereas it should presumably still give the error message 'Sorry, usernames must have letters too!' Modified sample code to fix this: /* Plugin Name: Allow short user names for multi ...


Yes, the links will always be accessible unless you disable them on your htaccess or a PHP file. If you don't have any author page, probably the users (or bots) that are reaching this page are seeing your index page. I highly recommend you install Google Analytics code on your website to track what your users are seeing instead of a server log.


Many themes echo the post author names associated with posts. Those are in some cases the same as the username. The author archive links, depending on the permalink can reveal the username as well-- /author/admin Getting the username is fairly trivial. I am sure there are other ways to manage it.

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