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In layman terms there is no major difference! update_user_option() uses update_user_meta() internally. The only difference is update_user_option() prefix the option name with database table prefix + blog ID if you are in multisite and just table prefix if you are in single site installation. Take a look at the code of update_user_option() /** * Update ...


Both write their data in the “usermeta” table. User options stored in the usermeta table retain the wordpress table prefix e.g. wp_ whereas the user meta also stored in the usermeta table doesn't. User options support blog-specific options, useful in multisite. The user meta is based on the user id specific meta data like profile information. The ...


Use PHP explode function and convert string into array using a delimiter | then you can use foreach loop. Example:- $str = get_the_author_meta('my_pet', $author_id); $pets_array = explode('| ', $str); if (is_array($pets_array)) { foreach ($pets_array as $pet) { echo $pet; echo 'somtext'; echo '<br />'; } }

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