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Looks like I had to figure this one out myself. replace $comment_meta_args and $replies with global $wpdb; $comment_meta_args="SELECT * FROM `$wpdb->comments` WHERE `comment_approved` = 1 AND `comment_parent` = (". intval($parent_comment_id) .") AND `user_id` != 1 ORDER BY comment_date ASC LIMIT 3"; ...


I've found these errors in your code: The saving proccess of custom user fields is hooked to registration but not to update user profile actions. You are using update_usermeta, a obsolete function, use update_user_meta instead. You are using get_the_author_meta with $user->ID without checking before if $user is an object, which generate errors on new ...


If you're looking to get in to instant notifications without suffering from backlog, I'd looking in to both Node.js and Socket.io. You should be able to work with them both pretty easily and integrate w/ WordPress. The sample chat application on the Socket.io site isn't a far cry from what you'd be doing. Basically an event is triggered on your LAMP/LNMP ...


Turns out that the correct key was icl_admin_language. I was able to drop the key from the "get_user_meta" function and then print_r the variable. This showed me all custom user meta which I could then sift through for my desired key.


It's possible by using jQuery to add the item to the drop down or adding another field and then use Ajax to intercept the click and perform your bulk action that way.


As @Milo indicated. Be careful with sending too many emails or your IP will be banned/blacklisted. Personally I would prefer to create a table as email queue and send them with interval with WP Cron API. By default wp_mail() uses php mail() which is not much reliable and could end up in the Spam folder. Using SMTP for sending email is more reliable way ...


Short answer: you can't. I had to write a custom query.

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