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This list of filters at the top of admin screens are called Views. You can manage views using the views_{$this->screen->id} filter. Where you'd replace {$this->screen->id} with the name of the screen you'd like to manage. In order to filter the Users screen, you can try the following: // filter the 'users' views add_filter( "views_users", ...


option 1 is definitely easier and less prone to errors/accidents than changing publish settings every time an author changes roles. To do so globally you should add a filter to the_content (and other content items in your page/post loops) which checks for the author's role and return some text to inform the viewer that the content is not currently ...


Interesting functionality, you will need something that does this: Will need to use the hook set_user_role to detect when user role change Then will need to query all posts from that user Then use wp_update_post to change the post status

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