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I know this topic is old, but I was having the same issue, and none of the suggested fixes worked. I didn't have any pages still in trash. I didn't have a category with the same name as my page. I didn't have another page with the same name. So I did something crazy. WP was trying to name my page as page-2, so I went to to see what ...


Looking at the code, you should be able to filter it. Something like the following should do it: add_filter( 'emoji_url', 'wpse_232874_emoji_cdn_url' ); function wpse_232874_emoji_cdn_url( $url ) { return ''; } ...replacing with whatever URL you want to use. Reference Plugin API


Duplicates don't just come from Pages and Posts, WordPress also defines Images and Files from the Media Library as "Posts". This means if you have a file / image in the Media Library with the same name as a page, it will assign the next duplicate a -2 ( from the wp_unique_post_slug() function ) so there's no URL conflicts. TL;DR - Duplicate? Search for ...

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