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WordPress tries to guess what post the user want to see by post name. That is what is making both and return the same and "correct" content. What is important is that, if you see at the source code of, you ...


is there a way to update all media urls in wordpress I had a similar issue with my media files not having the correct file location after a Wordpress upgrade (somehow all the media links switched to a crazy incorrect directory), so I found Upload URL and Path Enabler which was able to rewrite all media URLs to a different path location where all my ...


You can explode URL by ? and take the first part: $url = explode( '?', esc_url_raw( add_query_arg( array() ) ) ); $no_query_args = $url[0];


Settings --> Permalinks. Choose 'post name'. See the official Wordpress codex page for more.

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