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Pro tip - don't custom query unless you need to (you don't). And never use the guid field. if ( is_singular() && $cats = get_the_category() ) $cat_id = $cats[0]->term_id; // Category ID for current post elseif ( is_category() ) $cat_id = get_queried_object_id(); // Category ID for current archive else $cat_id = 0; // No cats $posts = ...


This is normal. You probably have your Permalinks set to "Post Name". You can change your Permalinks to "Custom Structure" and put '/news' in there before the post title, so the "Custom Structure" field would look like this: /news/%postname%/ That should do it.


You are execpeting a WP Error object if the URL has a non-valid protocol but esc_url_raw returns an empty string in that case (see codex), not a WP Error object. So, is_wp_error( $escaped ) never verifies. Also, you are checking an undefined $escaped variable (note that the value of esc_url_raw is stored in $sanitized variable): function ...

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