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I am not confident your guess at "being included instead" is accurate. The inclusion of core file is hardcoded in wp-settings.php pretty hard, it would be extremely challenging to subvert under normal circumstances. I have trouble imaging scenario in which functions.php of the theme will be loaded, but add_action() will be unavailable. This simply shouldn't ...


Was a bug in the core, I published the ticket ( https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/32310 ) and is added for the next version 4.2.3. In this version the code change the collation of some tables and this works fine if the change is fast. But in big tables this change take time, hive a timeout in the upgrade process and can't continue, so is a loop. In ...


Most of the time any changes that need to be done on upgrade are database related. Core files can be freely swapped pretty much. WP keeps track of this by comparing db_version option (stored in database) against the current value (from core files) on admin load. If there is mismatch it runs the upgrade routine to perform all the necessary changes, until the ...


I work for a web hosting company. See this error time and time again. Easy fix 1. Go into phpmyadmin 2. Select all the tables and run repair Now go back to yousite.com/wp-admin and when prompted for database update accept. Voila! It will run and complete and work this time.


It is possible to upgrade/update the database for each child site individually by visiting: https://rootsite/subsite/wp-admin/upgrade.php See also related core trac ticket, Database is not upgraded in multisite if loopback is disabled


Delete the .htaccess in wordpress root should bring site back up reset permalinks admin - settings - permalinks. If you don't see the htaccess file it is likely hidden you have to select show hidden files in whatever method you use to view files


select your wordpress database in phpmyadmin select table : options select Search tab and type "db_version" in option_name, and click to GO change option_value, A lower number (ex: 31533 -> 31532) go to http://yoursite.com/wp-admin/upgrade.php

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