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That was not exactly change in code, that was change to better inform people they are not using the method correctly. In line with wpdb documentation you need to properly pass values, or they won't be properly escaped in query. In your case it would turn into something like: $wpdb->prepare("SELECT id, name FROM %s", $table_name) Note that if ...


If you're using caching, turn it off. Make sure your .htaccess is correct, and turn off all your plugins. For more detailed info Click here


I think here is something which can help you. Some hooks which work when WordPress core is upgraded. Is there a Wordpress core & plugins update action hook?


I don't know of a great before and after comparitor that would get you the results you need. In fact I would be worried that any tool like that won't catch any failures in functionality. Honestly I would suggest incrementally building up a testing suite that goes through some of your standard processes and verifies the results and then just run those ...

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