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Each of the files you have mentioned are theme files. When you upgrade WordPress itself, it will not touch any themes (or plugins) you have installed, whether or not you have modified them. If this was a theme you created yourself, then you have no worries at all. However, if this was a theme created by someone else, for example a WordPress default theme, ...


I had the same problem, and found out / fixed it: The user who cannot create the directory is the ftp user you use for upload. In an save environment you can enable root user to log in via ftp. But - be sure to disable the root user for ftp afterwards. Do not forget it. In my installation (ubuntu 16.04) I had two wp-content/plugins directories - don't ask ...


I had the same problem, this link explains how to change your filesize upload limit Basically find your php.ini file, and change these two below to 30M post_max_size = 8M upload_max_filesize = 2M

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