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I ended up duplicated /includes/templates-media-wp41.php and renaming it to templates/media-wp42.php


This was caused by a opcache setting that I made on the server which meant that opcache would keep serving the cached version even if the php file was changed so pages didn't appear to upgrade


It is not tested that way. When a new version is developed Upgrade is naturally tested from the previous one and not from some random version from the past. While the code may intend to work for multi version upgrade there might be unexpected issues because with all the desire to be backward compatible humans will create bugs and the bigger the version gap ...


As usual, I'm going to say that any number of potential issues can arise depending on your plugins and any customization you may have in your theme etc. I manage a number of WP sites and I have rarely attempted to upgrade by multiple version at once without doing it one version at a time as you got to work in the end. In the cases where I have done so I ...

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