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(Answering my own question) It is now 1 week after posting my question. I just revisited the dashboard. There are now two updates available: WordPress 4.3.1–nl_NL and WordPress 4.3.1–en_US. So it looks as if the localized update takes some more time to prepare. I will not click anything right now, assuming that the update will go automatically. To be ...


Check file “/wp-includes/version.php” $wp_db_version = [some number value] against the database options table’s options_value. They should have the same number value. If those numbers are not the same, change the value in the options table to match the value in the version.php file.


I had same issue today on my new server. After a while i realize that zip/unzip is not active in my apache/php . When i recompile my apache with zip extension , problem solved.

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