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You can use the _core_updated_successfully action hook to run your plugin code after the WordPress core upgrade. The hook passes the current WordPress Version as parameter. add_action( '_core_updated_successfully','your_function'); function your_function(){ //code to be executed after WordPress Core Update }


What's in your Apache logs? Maybe more info about the error. Set a 755 permission on the the public_html directory Who's your hosting provider? The issue might be permissions that you, as a user, cannot change yourself (contact hosting support).


I copied your code to one of my sites to test with ACF version And it works for me I just had to make sure the field name and image size were correct. $size = get_field('slideshow_size') ?: 'Panoramic'; // Make sure this size exists, and usually is all lower case. $column_id[ $i ] = $row['slideshow-image']['id']; // Field names in ACF normally ...


based on, seems like it was related to the conversions of tables to utf8mb format done in 4.2 which timeout when there are many comment. Possible solutions: make the DB upgrade on some staging server in which all timeouts are off, or increase the timeout on the production ...

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