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You should probably upgrade one step at a time from one version to the next. All the code of all the versions are listed at the http://wordpress.org site. It will be a long process but the best to ensure proper upgrades. You can try to make it faster by skipping several versions at each step, just always keep a backup before doing such skipping. @ialocin ...


There are usually minimal db changes from one version to the next, it should be safe to do the manual-reinstall procedure with 1 older version. You can see the changes it does in wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php


Well, of course, you have a complete and full backup to start - DB and files. Has to be said if this is going to be a complete answer. It is hard to tell quickly what the problem could be when a WP upgrade produces a failure like you describe. Most likely it is the theme or plugins causing the content to no longer display after the upgrade. Personally, I ...

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