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Error: The update cannot be installed because we will be unable to copy some files. This is usually due to inconsistent file permissions. Solution: Check SELinux, make sure it is disabled, and if not, you should disable it. In Putty, #sestatus, the output must be disabled, and if not, edit it at: /etc/selinux/config Change /var/www/html to 777. In ...


I have a theme from ThinkUp Themes that has some sort of conflict with the Photon tool in JetPack. When Photon is activated, my images do not show up. When I deactivate Photon, voila! they appear again.


Do you have a backup? If you are hosting with a company like Bluehost you can use their site backup & restore feature inside CPanel to turn back the clock one day before you update the site. WordPress 4.5.1 is going to be released 4.5.1 - I suggest you wait for that released before updating if you are currently having issues.


i have the same problem. The above fixed most of the theme styling however the portfolios and blog shortcodes and category pages are blank. They load the content and then it dissapears once the page fully loaded. Other style sheets maybe not loaded correctly to maybe?


In order to understand why you're having these problems, you need to understand the underlying concepts of ownership. Basically, you know that apache is running as the www-data user. This is why setting everything to be owned by that user works, because WordPress is verifying that it can create files as the user that owns its own files. So, what you're ...


You need to give write permissions to the relevant directories. Ideally, you should do it only for the relevant file or folder and then revert the permissions back so as to not leave your site vulnerable. You can fix this using the following commands from the command line (assuming that you are in the Wordpress root folder): # cd wp-content # chmod -R a+w ...


This is a known issue and will be taken care of soon, assuming you are using the "Twenty Eleven" theme: see this link. The bundled Twenty Eleven theme has some styling issues for pages with sidebars (See Trac ticket #36510)


It turns out that the ThemeWoot Emulate theme registers and enqueues a common.css file with the key of common in it's themewoot.php (which is being included in functions.php). This key is apparently conflicting with a wp-admin script being registered with the same common key, and so, instead of including Emulate's common.css, it's enqueuing and injecting ...


You are using a theme or plugin that uses a jQuery-dependent script with poor syntax. In this screenshot below of the browser console of the page you referenced, the expression should be ... li > a[href*='#']. Note the missing quotes around the #. The bug didn't show up until now because WordPress 4.5 updated the version of jQuery it uses. The new ...


It's likely that it's a PHP error related to your template or a plugin, but you'll need more info to solve it. First try disable all plugins and see if that makes a difference. In order to see any errors that may be occurring, set your PHP display_errors directive to On if you have access, or you can try set the Debug constant in your Wordpress ...


Several comments just in case, you probably should check that the PHP version is 5.5 and above before calling the function (or check for its existence, not sure if an equivalent function existed in the original APC under the same name) You priority is too high. You actually want to call it after all other plugins have finished whatever they are doing after ...


@Kika is right that you have an older, insecure, version of OpenSSL. This sounds like: I wrote a small bit of code to skip the SSL test when trying to access the download server. It is not a good idea to use this code but will get you out of a ...


Your problem seems to be related with a misconfiguration of the temporary directory in PHP which is used for uploads and need to be writable when the sever downloads a WordPress, plugin or theme package. If you can not configure it at PHP level, you can define it also in wp-config.php file: define('WP_TEMP_DIR', ABSPATH . 'wp-content/temp/');


You could modify the wp-config.php. And add below code : define('FS_METHOD', 'direct'); On my side, it's resolved.

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