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@bravokeyl is the probably the best answer to your immediate problem. But to address the following: Is there a way to hook into an action or filter and remove ALL the update nag messages for non-admin users? No. Nag messages in WordPress are just a callback to added to the admin_notices hook which print some HTML to the page. They are practically ...


In wp-admin/includes/update.php file if ( current_user_can('update_core') ) $msg = sprintf( __('An automated WordPress update has failed to complete - <a href="%s">please attempt the update again now</a>.'), 'update-core.php' ); else $msg = __('An automated WordPress update has failed to complete! Please notify the site ...


I solved the problem by installing php-ssh2, which removes libssh2-php on the install. $ sudo apt-get install php-ssh2 I also had to change permissions on the wp-content folder to 775, but it worked leaving the wp-content/plugins at 755. $ chmod 775 wp-content

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