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Translating WordPress plugins is an experimental project. Not all plugins listed in the repo are available yet. Quoting the translating WordPress page, The project currently contains only a couple of experimental plugins for translation.


PO/MO files' content depends on the theme/plugin developer. So you bought a half-ready theme... One way is translate strings in php files, but with this you loose the chance to update that, because updates will overwrite your changes. I suggest you: translate the strings with po/mo, than send the updated files to the developer too, so maybe the next theme's ...


1st as you figured out, Wordpress does not offer any built in multilingual support for posts and pages. 2nd Themes, plugins etc. need a separate translation workflow than pages. But that is usually ok, since the theme does not change as much as the pages (normally). To translate the themes I would recommend Loco Translate ...

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