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Ah ha! I found the answer, and it's a really weird one. It just so happens that the particular strings I was trying to translate were the labels of required form fields, and looked like this: <?php echo '<label>' . __( 'Email *', 'cdashmm' ) . '</label>' ?> If I move the asterisk outside the string, like this: <?php echo ...


Own theme If you are using your own theme, no need to worry about, because /languages folder is in your control that way. :) Other's theme But your concern is about other's theme and you want to apply your translations into that theme, then the best way is to make a Child Theme. Because you are actually modifying that theme. Make your languages files and ...


If you have something like _e('') just change it to something like _e('','a4jp') In this example, a4jp is the theme name (theme-slug).

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