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Here's a way to test the core patch #33300.6 by Andew Ozz, through a test plugin in WP 4.5.2, to try out the text pattern filter. Demo Here's a strikethrough example using ~ $init['wpsetextpattern_inline_patterns'] = '{ strong: { start: "*", end: "*", format: "bold" }, strong2: { start: "**", end: "**", format: "bold" ...


You could do this with custom shortcodes or in some plugins with saved layouts. Many pagebuilder give the option to save predefined layouts. Try out this plugin if you want to create the predefined layouts programmatically.


After few days I got it to work. Gotta check those core files, now I know how. Anyways, here is the working code: function my_tiny_mce_tweaks( $first_init ) { $first_init['formats'] = '{' . 'alignleft: [' . '{selector: "p,h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,td,th,div,ul,ol,li", styles: {textAlign:"left"}},' . '{selector: "img,table,dl.wp-caption", ...

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