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I would try adding set_post_thumbnail_size( 250, 250, false ); In the theme's functions.php. (see codex on Setting Thumbnail Size)


Go to woocommerce folder-> template single product -> product-thumbnail.php from that you need to delete the slider class


You can edit the default image sizes that WordPress creates by going to Settings -> Media in your WordPress dashboard and specifying image sizes. However, this will change the default image sizes and will affect all images across your site. Another option is to edit the template file that is displaying your blog (likely home.php or index.php) using ...


It turned out to be a problem with the uploads directory (not sure what caused it initially). I was able to resolve the issue with the following filter: function fix_ssl( $url ) { if ( is_ssl() ) { if (stripos($url, 'http://') === 0) { $url = 'https' . substr($url, 4); } } return $url; } function uploadDir($uploads) { ...


After Wordpress implemented responsive images in Wordpress 4.4, these other scripts tend to be buggy/not working because of the added srcset attributes. Here is the snippet I use to fix issues with this: $(document).on('click', '.thumbnails .zoom', function() { var photo_fullsize = $(this).find('img').attr('src').replace('-180x180',''); var ...


Resolved with --with-jpeg-dir=/usr/

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