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Sounds like $my_theme_option has no 'custom_sidebars' index, if you've remove it, it does not exist anymore. just add a if isset() around it, just like you did at around the for loop also you don't need to check for core functions like register_sidebar to exist. // CUSTOM SIDEBARS global $my_theme_option; if(isset( $my_theme_option[ ...


Just in case anyone else finds this in the future. The issue was that we had an error/warning in our functions file. When accessing widgets we noticed the error/warning from the file. Resolved this, then the customizer link provided us with an on page error. The on page error linked to a reimplementation of a method from within a plugin. The plugin was ...


Answer is update_blog_option(). This is specific for each blog. If I used get_user_option() it would be different for each user. If I used get_site_option() it would be across all sites on the network.


never* execute code outside of hooks as you are more likely to call a function or use a variable before they were declared and initialized. your code should be function css() { if (ot_get_option('css', false) != false) { echo'<style>'.ot_get_option('css').'</style>'; } } add_action( 'wp_head', 'css', 100 ); ...

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