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You can get and check the value of your theme mod as you normally do anywhere. This code is tested and working (the code inside cyb_customizer() is exactly the code you posted in the question, only added add_section part): function flag_is_custom_excerpt_enabled(){ $blueplanet_options = get_theme_mod( 'blueplanet_options'); if( empty( ...


You need to be able to edit the theme itself (or as a child theme) to make that change - obviously the theme options aren't giving you that option. Chances are that in your header.php or similar you are going to find code that pulls those values from the Theme Options page. That's what you need to edit. When you find that code, you'll want to do a ...


Lead dev of Redux here. You sure can! Just be sure to specify a different opt_name as well as a different page_slug and you're golden. Redux was built to do just that.

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