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Did you try just using option.php? <form method="post" action="options.php">


Wordpress provides a template hierarchy which gives you the flexibility to create custom layouts for posts, pages, archives, etc. To create a custom layout for a specific blog post, you would name the template single-{post-type}-{slug}.php You can find out more about the template hierarchy here


This option is likely added with post_meta. The panel option looks like it was was added with the add_meta_box. Post meta is a common place to put additional data to posts in WordPress. Post meta boxes are an easy way to show fields for this options to be displayed.


You have to use post meta for this. (The post meta data is, information you provide to viewers about each post.)


The most common problem comes from changing the URL of your site. WordPress (and plugins like Revolution Slider) stores some data as serialized strings. A portion of that would look like s:18:"" - an 18 character string. If your site changes to, it would have to be updated to s:21"". If you don't update ...


To clarify why it happened, it's because rtrim( $text, '[...]' ) notation used to remove the default ellipsis in some themes is incorrect. Per trim() function description, the second argument is treated as a list of characters, not as a string. Moreover, [... is treated as a range of ASCII characters from full stop (code 2E) to opening square bracket (code ...

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