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I think you're over thinking things. I'd simply create a new Custom Post in the plugin. That will come with it's own backend automatically. You can then create the individual pages based on the Template Hierarchy for both the listings and individual pages. For any additional fields you need, you can either set the meta fields to show on the backend or add ...


One thing you might want to do is add this code to the output: <pre><?php print_r($meta); ?></pre> Then have a look and make sure you are accessing the correct array keys. Once your sure, I think you need to verify checkboxes against a value of on or off. So you may need to change this line: if ($meta['is_offered'][0]==true){ ... to ...


The taxonomy-$taxonomy-$term.php template is a template for an archive, a listing. It's not a template for a post, be it a post of type page, or anything else. It overrides taxonomy-$taxonomy.php, then taxonomy.php, then archive.php followed by index.php

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