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The template name is defined inside the file, this way: <?php /* Template Name: My Custom Page */ This page will tell you all : https://codex.wordpress.org/Page_Templates


You need to look how page templates are saved against a page in the wp_postmeta table. Each page is linked to the specific template it uses and this is saved under the meta key _wp_page_template. You can go and have a look at your own install how you db structure looks like and how page templates are save Wordpress does not use page slugs or page names but ...


get_post() returns a post object. So you can try the following $post = get_post( 1571 ); setup_postdata( $post ); the_title(); the_content(); wp_reset_postdata();


Add new file called taxonomy- mytaxonomies.php and put you code . But so far I know to add like in page..it is not available in wp yet

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