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Try changing the field value to term_id, since there is no id value for that option. Ref: WP_Query Taxonomy Parameters


You're mixing up arrays. In your "my implode", $checkedBundeslaenderList varies between a string and an array, depending on the number of items. And then in your query args, you nest it in an array: 'terms' => array( $checkedBundeslaenderList ), So what you could end up with is either: array( array( 1 ) ); ...or: array( '1,2,3,4' ); Neither are ...


As I can understand, cpt_tag is only assigned to the custom post type cpt. This makes things much easier and less complicated. You do not need two queries and you don't need to merge anything Here is the plan: We need to know which terms you need to show on the homepage from the cpt post type Using get_terms() and the exclude parameter, we will exclude ...

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