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I remembered that once I had to do same thing and wrote a custom sql query... it was painful, as @Rarst said. However I'll post the function I wrote, and there isn't much to explain, is a complex SQL query where there is the intersection of 2 checks to get all the term of a specific taxonomy that are associated in post having a specific term in another ...


I imagine tagging a post has as much of a impact as the keywords meta tag, which is not at all. Mostly because you can easily cram your post full of unrelated keywords to try and trick the web crawler(s) into marking your content under many different 'categories'. They're mostly for your user and your (built in) search. The best kind of SEO is creating good ...


It is still not very clear what you are trying to do, but maybe get_terms() is what you want. $terms = get_terms('post_tag',array('hide_empty'=>false)); foreach($terms as $t) { echo $t->name.' :: '.$t->count.'</br>'; }

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