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Simple – if you do not want duplicate information then before you insert anything check if such data is already present. Just query for it and see if there is a match. From WP perspective however, you seem to be looking at technique (database table) that you will rarely need in practice. WordPress offers wealth of storage options and your time is likely ...


Found a great solution. Basically, you can check if an option name exists and if it already exists you don't insert your data. The main idea is, each time your database schema changes and requires an update on your user’s database, you need to increment the DB_VER by 1, then write a database upgrade routine for the current DB_VER. This would create some ...


Add a check when the plugin is activated to see if the data(column/table) already exists in db or not ? If the data aldready exists then skip the db part and just mark the plugin as active.


I'm not sure if suggesting plugins here is still taboo, but I'm going to go that route for you, because it's going to be the most effective and simple method for you to achieve this. Install two plugins: Custom Post Type UI, and Advanced Custom Fields Alternatively, forego CPTUI (it's just nice to have a visual) and create a new custom post type via your ...

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