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You can use the function get_post_types to get information on any and all post types that are active at that time. To get info on a specific post type, use get_post_type_object.


Users created in Site_A have roles assigned to them. Same users are available in Site_B but they have no roles assigned. Create a PHP script sync-admins.php with the following code in it: <?php // load WordPress environment require( 'wp-load.php' ); // REPLACE 'siteb_' with table prefix of Site_B in line below! $tblPrefixOfSite_B = 'siteb_'; // ...


There is error in sql query. You have defined time as datetime and default value mentioned in current_timestamp. Define time as timestamp. Also specify length of email and page fields. Corrected query: $sql = "CREATE TABLE " . $table_name . " ( id INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, time TIMESTAMP DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP NOT NULL, //Change datetime to ...


WordPress default comes with some sample post types like pages, posts etc. Wordpress has given option to create our own custom post types also. Both default & custom posts are stored in single table "wp_posts" by differentiating all posts types based on "post_type" column in "wp_posts" table. Eg: pages--> post_type="page", testiminials--> ...

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