The tag <staging> relates to methods for creating a staging server and then moving accepted changes from staging into production - ideally in an automated fashion.

Staging is the process of maintaining one or more test version(s) of a website in order to evaluate whether new code, upgrades, or design changes are working properly before installing them live in production.

A typical staging progression might include DEV, QA, UAT and PROD platforms.

  • DEV is often duplicated on individual developer's local machines
  • QA is usually a server-based install that emulates the production environment, which the development team uses to validate their work in a real-world environment
  • UAT is usually a server that closely duplicates the production environment, and allows the client or project owner to test the new site, and ultimately approve it for release to production
  • PROD is the production or live website

Wordpress has no built-in support for automated staging, and traditional staged release processes in a wordpress environment, where they exist, are currently created by individual development teams to meet specific project needs.

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