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FORCE_SSL_LOGIN is marked as deprecated since 4.0 in source (you might have jumped over that bit). So it does now force all of admin to SSL and past behavior for it seems to no longer be available.


This is an old question, but I figured I'd post my answer as I just had to deal with this problem and figured out a temporary workaround that got it to work for me. WARNING: This requires modifying core which is NOT recommended. If you use this workaround, you should probably remove the workaround when you've finished updating. As of WP 4.1, the problem ...


my name is Daniel Kanchev and I work for SiteGround as a Senior Web Apps Engineer. The described issue is pretty strange and I just configured a test WordPress Network on one SiteGround shared server. I did not face any similar issues and I used sub-domain names with a wildcard SSL certificate. Usually such issues are caused by Apache VHost misconfiguration ...


The code you provided could cause issues with 3rd party URLs in hyperlinks not running https. You can fix this by including your home url, e.g: $content = str_replace( set_url_scheme( home_url(), 'http' ), set_url_scheme( home_url(), 'relative' ), $content); Next, you're applying this when you'd like to display the content, which means you need to do an ...

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