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Take a look in your widgets. Appearance > Widgets, and remove the ones you don't want.


This is a shot in the dark because I can't see the site... Check the way your theme uses css to align your sidebar and see if the width that is being set to the div by the user is causing the post container to become too wide, pushing the sidebar down. You could use some css to control elements within the posts container such as: I would try to find the ...


Wordpress provides a template hierarchy which gives you the flexibility to create custom layouts for posts, pages, archives, etc. To create a custom layout for a specific blog post, you would name the template single-{post-type}-{slug}.php You can find out more about the template hierarchy here


There is no clean way to filter whole sidebar and such, but then that's not what you really need. The calendar widget (assuming you mean native one) uses get_calendar() function, which passes result through get_calendar filter. It would be preferable to filter its queries, but from quick look at the code they seem highly messy and not easy to override.

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