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If you look at the source of add_settings_error(), you will see that the errors are stored in the $wp_settings_errors global. So in your tearDown() function, you can do this: $GLOBALS['wp_settings_errors'] = array(); Also, don't forget to call parent::tearDown(). I sometimes forget, and it can lead to strange behavior. ;-)


You might wanna check : https://wordpress.org/plugins/tabsy/ . It's a responsive tab and shortcode ready so you don't have to add the code manually. I hope this helps. Thanks! Cheers, phpbits


Although I don't agree with your purpose, here the action hooks you may use (you have not shown us what you are using to save the options, so I can not say which one is better). If you use add_option to save options: add_option_{option_name}: Runs after a the option with name "option_name" has been added using add_option() function. For example, for the ...


A quick and dirty way of doing this is by adding a .htaccess file to the wp-admin directory, with the following content. <FilesMatch "^options-(.*)\.php$"> Order Allow,Deny Deny from all </FilesMatch>


Yes there is. Create a function. Hook it by adding it to an action. Use one of the following actions to hook it to: add_option_(option_name) Runs after a WordPress option has been added by the add_option() function. Action function arguments: option name, option value. You must add an action for the specific options that you want to respond to, such ...

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