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You could use the NOINDEX, FOLLOW meta robots tag on the this 'stack' page, or the individual pages. <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW"> This lets search engines crawl the page and all links on it, but they will not index the page and so any content on it won't get counted as duplicate content. The code goes within the <head> ...


Well you are changing URLs which WILL impact your SEO. The best way to minimize this is with what's known as a "301 redirect". The 301 part is a server response code to tell the visitor (Googlebot is the one you care about) that the resource formerly at domain.com/page is now permanently moved to domain.com/blog/page. If done properly you can modify your ...


Just look to plugin... There is a hook filter for replacements wpseo_replacements, so code can look something like this... add_filter('wpseo_replacements', 'city_wpseo_replacements'); function city_wpseo_replacements($vars){ $vars['%%city%%'] = 'some city'; return $vars; }

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