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You're best bet is to put the amazon javascript script code into a widget, and then add the widget into a post/page using a shortcode. Give a look at this plugin. https://wordpress.org/plugins/amr-shortcode-any-widget/ (I've never used it, but the concept seems correct.)


Sounds to me like you're trying to create a custom Admin Page. Instead of adding a file into the admin folder, you can create custom admin pages from your WordPress plugin or theme by using the 'Admin Menu' action. In short, you will need to add something like the following to your plugin, or your theme's functions.php file. // Create the page function ...


Hi I know that you are looking for a code/script, but before you do that as you mentioned you are new to wordpress try this plugin it does the same thing you want to create: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-all-import/ In addition once you install it and use, then try to study/learn about wordpress MVC and how plugins works then you go and create yours. ...

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