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Try the following: function mytheme_deregister_scripts_and_styles(){ $unwanted_scripts = array( 'photocrati_ajax', 'photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails', 'photocrati-nextgen_basic_extended_album' ); foreach ( $unwanted as $script ) { wp_dequeue_script( $script ); wp_deregister_script( $script ); } $unwanted_styles = array( ...


In principle PHP can do this with exec(), so WordPress can as well. You do not specify enough details, but it sounds either like form submit or Ajax request. Different implementation but in the end you will be running exec() just as well. PS think really hard on how secure it will be and which kind of data you will allow to pass this way.


I don't know how one would define "best", but a possible approach would be to make your rankings page an actual page within WordPress, then add either a shortcode or a filter on the_content to populate/fetch a transient from the database. You could alternately save it in an option or as post meta and cron a script to update the option/meta periodically. WP ...


Another way is to set a global wp_option when the work is done and check for that option every time the init hook is executed. function my_one_time_function() { // Exit if the work has already been done. if ( get_option( 'my_one_time_function', '0' ) == '1' ) { return; } /***** DO YOUR ONE TIME WORK *****/ // Add or update the ...

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