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A more reliable way of checking is to get $_POST['original_publish'], as that will return 'Publish' on first publishing it, and 'Update' on updating it.


One approach is to use get_post_status() According to the codex 'publish' - A published post or page 'pending' - post is pending review 'draft' - a post in draft status 'auto-draft' - a newly created post, with no content 'future' - a post to publish in the future 'private' - not visible to ...


The use of header() function produce output in the middle of the request and crash it. To modify uploaded image you should use wp_handle_upload filter instead of save_post action. Also, ideally, you should use WP_Image_Editor class, which will use the best image manipulation library available in the server (GD, Imagemagick) and triggers several filters and ...

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