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Sanitize and validate before committing any data into your database, that is the most important precaution. That would ensure that you get "clean" data from your database. Escaping data on display would be less of a concern as a result but still an added level of security and highly recommended. Trust nothing and no one, it only takes a single specially ...


is_email() will take the provided string( a email address) and run checks on it to ensure that it is indeed an email address and that the string has no illegal characters in it. It would simply not change anything in the string you provided but return either true if the string passes all the function checks or false if it doesn't. The sanitize_email() will ...


As @karpstrucking mentioned in the comments, the problem was in the end with my function: my_string_manipulation_function() I was using preg_replace() to process the string of native language character, but I didn't used the /u flag modifier to specify that I'm working with unicode characters. Adding this flag fixed all weird behaviour.

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