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Yes, you can write your own user registration, write a form that gets user details and use wp_create_user to create it. That said, I think email verification is even more important on eCommerce sites, but if you willing to give up the advantages it gives to you and the users, then why not to bypass the whole user registration thing? Another option is to ...


This will don't work on functions.php, you need to put this code inside plugin. if you don't now to make a plugin for this just use this link don't forget to take the update code of this function form here


I am only interested in register page, not in login page. So this might not be wanted by everybody. $GLOBALS['pagenow'] returns index.php for me. Maybe because of buddypress or my theme. So I used is_page('register') If you inspect the body of the registration page, it also has the ID as well, so if it says page-id-4906, you can use it this way if it ...


Put it into the Pluging or functions.php of your theme //Make 'Client' a default role update_option('default_role','client');

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