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The solution is to use: 'taxonomy' => 'meal', 'field' => 'slug', 'terms' => 'breakfast' The taxonomy and terms are obvious, but why does field have to be slug? When you add taxonomy parameters, you can specify what 'breakfast' is-- via the field. It could be the term's ID, the full name, or slug. See the codex on Taxonomy Parameters


As per the given url http....url.../author/name?MediaTag=tag1, below code may helpful... if(isset($_GET['MediaTag'])) //It will check the value of MediaTag (from address bar after ?) { $tag1 = $_GET['MediaTag']; //Assigning value of MediaTag to the variable if($tag1) //Checking if variable have some value or not { ...


You'll have to code the output in the manner you want to display it. However you'll have to generate the image link prior to the html part. Save the image in a variable $bgimage1; make the list using li and in the list item backgroun-image: <?php echo $bgimage1; ?>

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