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UltimateMember pages are based on [shortcodes] which will be entered into normal Wordpress pages. By this means the user-profile page, which you are referring to, should be listed under your WordPress pages, the default name generated by Ultimate-Member is "User page". Search this page and edit it, you will see some content like this [ultimatemember ...


WordPress already has a login page! Go to http://your-site/wp-login.php I guess, you want a login page visually similar to your site frontend? Try this plugin-


Use the function current_user_can( $capability ). Where $capabilty applies. For example: If ( current_user_can( 'update_plugins' ){ //do some update plugin stuff }


You didn't add any code (make sure you add your own code next time because nobody bothers to help you if we have to guess the problem) but Im pretty sure I know what's wrong. Straight out of the WordPress codex: echo get_avatar( $user_id_or_email, $avatar_size, $default_avatar, $alt_text, $args ); You have to echo it because get_avatar() doesn't ...

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