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Unfortunately this is not possible, there just isn't a hook to use in wp-admin/edit-use.php. The closest you can come is to place something under Personal Options, although this hook is called at the end of that section so this will show your message a little way down the page - add_action('personal_options', 'my_edit_user_admin_message'); function ...


You need to pass the $profileuser->ID as the second argument when you call your function and define it accordingly: add_filter('wp_handle_upload_prefilter', 'my_pre_upload', 2, 2); // (3rd param is priority, 4th is number of args) // and pass the $userid as argument to your function function my_pre_upload($file, $userid = false){ // if no user ...


The user meta, including the custom ones, are saved in the wp_usermeta table. You can get all user properties and meta keys using get_userdata( $userid ), an alias of get_user_by( 'id' ) , which returns a WP_User object or false on failure (the user with that ID does not exist). Furthermore, you can determine if a certain meta key or property is set for a ...


I think you are confusing function arguments with author (user) meta fields. To get all user meta fields you can use get_user_meta() with empty $key parameter. For example, for user with ID 45: $user_meta = get_user_meta( 45 ); $user_meta will be an array with all meta fields for the user with ID = 45.

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