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For the permanent solution, your SQL query is slightly off - you need: UPDATE db1357924680.wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE( post_content, '[print_me]', '' ) WHERE post_content LIKE '%[print_me]%' MySQL replace example


There is an easier way to do this: add_filter( 'the_content', 'my_post_content_remove_shortcodes', 0 ); function my_post_content_remove_shortcodes( $content ) { /* Create an array of all the shortcode tags. */ $shortcode_tags = array( 'shortcode_1', 'shortcode_2', 'shortcode_3' ); /* Loop through the shortcodes and ...


Sticky posts are a pain in the butt, and is not properly implememnted IMHO. The source code clearly shows that sticky posts are only moved to the top on page one of the homepage (or any custom instance of WP_Query which emulates the homepage), sticky posts does not get removed from the paged pages. This, IMO, should be part of core, stickies should be moved ...

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