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In addition to creating additional dimension, Wordpress does keep your original image. Your original image is in this link http://whatweblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/hue.gif So, instead of stopping Wordpress from creating additional dimension, you should retrieve the full image when displaying the featured image. You can get the full image with this - ...


This function will generate an image by temporarily registering an image size, generating the image (if necessary) and the removing the size so new images will not be created in that size. function lazy_image_size($image_id, $width, $height, $crop) { // Temporarily create an image size $size_id = 'lazy_' . $width . 'x' .$height . '_' . ((string) ...


If this is still a problem, then you can find my answer on wordpress.org's support forum, it might help: wordpress.org/support/topic/resize-failure-on-some-images-with-odd-message This is a part of a code from the jQuery library, to be specific this part is responsible for handling callbacks. It is displayed, because the reponse from wordpres is ...


You can use Adaptive images WordPress plugin. It generates images on the fly and cache them. It gives to settings in admin section in which you can specify your breakpoint ( on which it will generate images ). You can also use Picturefill.WP WordPress plugin.

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