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Here's a script that you can enqueue into your admin panel. It will add a new tab to the category tabs called "Active". Whenever a checkbox is checked, it gets added to the "Active" tab list, you can also click links in the "Active" tab list to remove them ( uncheck them ). Add this as an external script, custom-tabs.js maybe: jQuery( document ).ready( ...


First check your template or source code to find the classes added to the article as a whole (or any html element that wraps around the whole post. It probably looks a bit like this: <article class="my-article"> <title class="my-title">TITLE</title> <img src="..." class="my-featured-image"/> <div class="my-content"> POST TEXT &...


You probably need the NOT EXISTS meta_compare value. This will test if a meta value exists or not for that particular key. Also, as I pointed out in comments, caller_get_posts is long time deprecated, a notice you should have clearly recieved if you had debubbing turned on. The correct parameter is ignore_sticky_posts and accepts 0 (false) or 1 (true) ...


Try changing hierarchical: false in your CPT definition (if your application allows). When CPT's are set to hierarchical: true all posts will be queried in the admin dashboard which can cause memory issues.

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