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I believe that you're asking about post format and not post type. Assuming that's correct, you'll probably be using WP_Query to query all posts of the post format "Standard." However, as noted in this trac ticket, there's strangely no way to query for the standard post format. Instead you need to query for all posts NOT IN any other format. Alex King put ...


I'm a noob. I named the Taxonomy wrong... It's post_format not post-format


Taxonomies, as previously described are a collective noun for the following category post_tag post_format link_category custom taxonomy The first four are built-in taxonomies, while custom taxonomies are taxonomies that are manually created by the user with register_taxonomy. Custom Taxonomies can be hierarchical (like the build-in taxonomy category) or ...


Category, Tag, Link Category and Post Formats are built in taxonomies. From Codex Basically, a taxonomy is a way to group things together. The names for the different groupings in a taxonomy are called terms. Using groupings of animals as an example, we might call one group "birds", and another group "fish". "Fish" and "birds" are terms in our ...

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