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PHP should be able to handle it, but I'd recommend installing this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wplupload/ I've been using it quite a bit lately, and I've found it to work quite well. Basically, it changes the uploader to use the plupload library, and gives chunk uploading in modern browsers, amongst other things. It will essentially bypass ...


70-80MB is really not that large. Easily handled by the Flash uploader if your server is properly configured. Hell, I have a 2 gigabyte upload limit on my site. :) When they're writing the new "post", they just click the add media button above the toolbar and upload it. It gets saved as an attachment that's tied to the post and bam, done. Parsing ID3 ...


My opinion may not be totally fair, as I haven't tried both lately. But I used podpress for a while. THe problem was that every time WP did a major upgrade, podpress would quit working. I'm using podcastnig plugins for DJ music hosting on rvoodoo.com. Downtime sucks for my artists. So after about a year of having it break (once for many months) the ...


Here is what I do in our church: We use both audio files and video for our services, both live and on demand. The best solution I was able to come up with was a combination of wordpress and another server cluster running the Adobe flash communication server software. In a nutshell, I use adobe media encoder during the service in order to capture the live ...


iTunes uses extra tags for author information, category classification, ... I believe you can't add these using WordPress.com. What you can do is pick up your feed using FeedBurner and submit that URL to iTunes instead. FeedBurner has support for podcasts and allows you to fill in the extra iTunes tags.


Just to add to what other have said, beyond changing your php.ini settings, upload size is limited mainly by the browser/connection. There are more reliable browser bases solutions that use java/flash or a combination of tech that allow for uploads reliably up to 100MB. http://www.plupload.com/ http://www.swfupload.org/ http://www.uploadify.com/ ...


The wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wplupload link is AMAZING. I did everything I could to fix this issue and nothing worked. The plug-in may not be seem to be the geekiest way to go, but it works so well I dedicated a web page to it for others - http://www.abiblecommentary.com/howtofixhttperrorinwordpressblog Thank you! Brad www.abiblecommentary.com


I would create a custom post type and a taxonomy. There is a great tutorial over on Justin Tadlocks website that uses movies as an example but you could translate this to podcast. Post types and taxonomies: Linking terms to a specific post


So what I did was make a custom post type for guests profiles, and use "posts 2 posts" to connect them to specific episodes. The plugin has functions to both list the connected guests on episode pages, and list all episodes associated with that guest on their profile pages. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/posts-to-posts/

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