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The problem is that you are unsetting the default language form $langs array, so when you loop over $langs to make the duplicates, the default language is never included. This may be the cause of your problem (nothing to do with WordPress by the way). function wpml_duplicate_on_publish($post_id) { global $post, $sitepress, $iclTranslationManagement; ...


Looking at the source, there is no programmatic way to accomplish that. There is only one location where $_GET['rtl'] is referenced and its value is used directly (i.e., it is not used to set the value of another variable used in the plugin). The function you would want to modify if you want the same effect without passing the rtl parameter is function ...


Use your theme name. if your theme name is "gogreensoccer" then this code is fine else use your theme name at the place of "gogreensoccer" then this will work.After that generate wpml theme translation option to generate your theme strings.


The localizing functions have two variaties, one that echos the string value and the other one that returns it's string value. Because you would want to display the string (echo it), you would want the correct function for the specific string which will echo the output. For easy simple strings (__('PLAYER POINTS AT A GLANCE.','gogreensoccer')) like you have ...

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