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This won't work if page caching is enabled, I would recommend creating an ajax request which calls this function instead. e.g. add_action( "wp_ajax_nopriv_view_count", 'view_count' ); add_action( "wp_ajax_view_count", 'view_count' ); function view_count(){ update_post_meta($_GET['id'], 'view_count', $count++); } (then create an ajax call in JS ...


I have the same thoughts as you. And I'm using w3 total cache on my sites. You have the option to exclude certain files from combining. If you need to alter the CSS anyway I would still prefer to use the manual way. Yet I personally use LESS to solve that. I have separate LESS files for each plugin I include. That way I still have a separate file but ...


The fact that the test script didn't detect them doesn't mean the modules are not installed: "When PHP is not run as an apache module it is difficult to detect the modules, so that's why the test says not detected. It doesn't said not installed or failed, it says not detected."

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