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I'm not sure if this question is still relevant or not (so I'm posting for future reference for people), but there is a way to define a css file for the TinyMCE editor in your plugin by using the mce_css filter. For a quick example, I'll take an excerpt from the WordPress documentation: function plugin_mce_css( $mce_css ) { if ( ! empty( $mce_css ) ) ...


Not sure if this is a bug, but the behaviour is correct, or at least apparently intentional. a) There is only one dragDropUpload setting in the tinyMCEPreInit object, instead of one flag per editor. b) looking at class-wp-editor.php:139: if ( $set['drag_drop_upload'] ) { self::$drag_drop_upload = true; } so, if the setting is set to true once, ...

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