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You may use plugin Advance custom Fields to add those blocks.And the rotation is due to css3 effect.


Use a post meta field to store a numeric value representing the number of days someone has to have been a member before they can see this specific post. Use pre_get_posts to check the age of the member and adjust the $query accordingly to include a meta_query that only shows posts with a value less than or equal to the member's age. I can whip up some ...


you can count how many posts user can see like that: (int) ( ( time() - strtotime( get_userdata(get_current_user_id( ))->user_registered ) ) / ( 7 * 24 * 60 * 60 ) ) + 1; So you add filter for pre_get_posts to show user as many posts as compleate weeks he has spendt on your website. And to prevent seeing content for custom entered links you add filter ...

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