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It is very unlikely that you will be able to duplicate a look of a wordpress page just by applying the CSS directly to the content as the CSS usually depends on the structure of the HTML containing the content and not only on the content itself. But fetching the CSS by itself is easy, just fetch the whole page and use regex to find the urls of all the ...


Managed to figure it out in the end by modifying one of the core files of the plugin If you look in json-api/models/post.php there's a function set_content_value() which shows where the plugin is pulling in the content. Here you can modify it as needed, in my case I used it to remove certain shortcodes with the Wordpress remove_shortcode() function


This is a Wordpress setting you can change. Login to the WP admin panel, click Settings > Reading, change "Syndication feed show the most recent" from the default 10 items to something higher, and click Save. If you don't see the change immediately, try clearing the recent cache in your browser, or open the link in a different browser.

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