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Finally, fixed it. I needed to add the following line below: define('JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG', true) before this line in wp-config.php: /* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */ Originally, I had this line after the line mentioned which was causing the Add Contact Form button to not appear.


Add this to your wp-config.php: const JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG = TRUE; This makes it possible to use features on localhost that don’t require a connection to wordpress.com. See the announcement post on jetpack.me for the background. For your own plugins, learn that lesson: Do not rely on working outgoing connections. Respect your users privacy, and explain in ...


Although the site is using JetPack, it looks like the slider is generated/built by the theme. It uses slick, a popular jQuery plugin. No sign of WooCommerce. I would guess they're using ACF/custom fields and just storing the price. There's no actual shop, it's just a referral site.


The comment form is generated from another domain via the iframe. While I was accessing the iframe using jQuery content() it returned me Permission denied to access. It means the Jetpack is Cross Site Scripting protected and you cannot edit the placeholder.

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