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It appears this was actually a firewall issue, not a permissions issue. Opening up a certain range of IP addresses on UFW via the Wordfence support article fixed the issue. The backupwordpress plugin seemed to work correctly once the DNS was resolved fully as well.


Short answer: Incorrect URL. Was trying to save to the network path and not the user path. Long answer: I have a network blog. I have an examples blog with the default user. With the default user I made posts. When a new user signs up they get a copy of that post locally on the client side (JSON of the post data). It is a duplicate they can use to get ...


Try this by keeping in current theme functions.php Change your roles instead of author function add_theme_caps() { // gets the author role $role = get_role( 'author' ); // This only works, because it accesses the class instance. // would allow the author to edit others' posts for current theme only $role->add_cap( 'edit_posts' ); } ...


The point of hardening is to avoid the core files to be manipulated by external users (on shared hosting) and by the webserver (as it is the main source of exploits). Since the update runs via the webserver it is obvious that if you hardened your files against webserver initiated manipulation, the update will fail. Most people probably get around it by ...

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