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I know this is really old question, but today I was dealing with something similar, and I have found a solution - if wp_unique_post_slug() calling is performance bottleneck, and post_name value is not important, then set post_name manualy to some random value. My wp_insert_post post action was taking too long lately (20-30s). It saves custom post type order ...


If you care about performance then don't use Avada theme. It is total garbage when it comes to performance. The demo has 27,000 lines/5244 Rules of CSS and 2 dozen inline style sheets. In my experience a complex website with 30-40 different templates could be around 1000 rules and 5-6k lines of css. No cache plugin will save the client from a .7mb css ...


This is why AWS is great. Monitor you server and if that's either too much or not enough, scale up or down. But it sounds like more than enough.

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