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It is a bug in wp-members plugin. Others have reported the same error. http://user-meta.com/forums/topic/able-to-save-plain-text-passwords-as-a-user-meta-value/ http://wordpress.org/support/topic/wp-member-passwords-are-stored-in-clear-text-in-database-highly-insecure


You cannot export passwords as plaintext in WordPress, because they are not stored in plaintext. What you see here is obviously the result of a very bad plugin. Fields like Payment, Sex or Company are not even part of the regular WordPress tables. For the future: Do not install plugins without prior tests and reviews in a safe environment. Use a local ...


You should probably add in more checks, but this should get you started. function change_pw_text($content) { // Just to save processing other pages. if ( !is_page('page-slug-one') && !is_page('page-slug-two') ) return $content; $find = 'This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:'; if ( ...


I figured it out. I created a plugin that adds a filter for random_password, like so: function my_password_filter($input) { $words = explode(' ', "apple arm banana bike bird book chin clam class clover club corn crayon crow crown crowd crib desk dime dirt dress fang field flag flower fog game heat hill home horn hose joke juice kite lake maid mask mice ...


I can't see how the "UPDATE after comment" answer works. The documentation for the 'password_reset' hook says "Fires before the user's password is reset.". If you redirect, then exit the password won't get changed. Since I had a similar need I developed my solution to the problem. We still respond to the "password_reset" hook but instead of performing the ...


add this to your functions.php function tj_lost_pass() { return home_url() . '/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword'; } add_filter( 'lostpassword_url', 'tj_lost_pass' );


mfw when the right answer from Wombat has -3 Sorry for not commenting but I don't have any repo here yet and am really just wondering what's going on on wordpress.stackexchange.com What exactly should Wombat add to this? We have a WP installation with some old code (meanwhile codex should be correct for the current WP version) from codex.wordpress.com in ...

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