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There are three things to check: 1 - Is your parent theme complete and what is the exact spelling of the parent theme's name in its style.css. Uppercase and lowercase are important. 2 - Is the child theme directory named parentname-child. It should be in the themes directory, not in a subdirectory of the parent theme. 3 - Does the child theme's style.css ...


If you want to be super safe, you can do this method: I would recommend first connecting to the theme folder via FTP. If you haven't made any templates or custom php pages etc, you can rename the theme folder _backup at the end. Then just drag in the new theme in the same theme folder location. Simply go to your dashboard and activate the new theme. ...


What happens depends on the changes made to the parent theme. The developers should of course make certain that their new version is backwards compatible, so your child theme still works with the updated parent. However, this is not necessarily so. Therefore, you should test the updated parent with your child theme before you apply it to a live site.

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