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with the 4th parameter of wp_mail() you can extend the header of the Email. So you can use BCC there. This should work: <?php $bcc = 'Bcc: '; $i = 0; foreach( $emails as $email ){ if( $i != 0 ) $bcc .= ', '; $bcc .= $email; $i = 1; } $headers[] = $bcc; wp_mail( 'admin@mysite.com', 'New entry!', ...


As @s_ha_dum has correctly identified, your variables populated during activation don't persist because activation causes a new page request. ie your code has effectively re-started by the time your admin_notices handler is called. So you need a mechanism to persist your $associati_error across page loads. The easiest is to use wordpress built-in ...

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