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It should be action instead of "doaction", then it will work just fine. As for your request for some documentation, as far as I know there is no overview about parameters/actions available at edit.php. So lets do some source code inspection, as you said yourself, you have gotten the inpiration for your approach from the edit.php, so we start there. You have ...


Not 100 % positive but my understanding is that a Nonce expire as soon as you use it. It can only be used for one transaction. So it seems to be logic that it expire after the first call. You should probably return a new one with the response of your first validated request and replace it. Hope this helps!


TL;DR In short, wp_verify_nonce() uses that value because it expects that value as its first argument. wp_verify_nonce() arguments wp_verify_nonce() receives 2 arguments: $nonce $action The value in the hidden field ('cabfd9e42d' in your example) represent the $nonce. 1st argument is the nonce, and comes from the request In fact, wp_verify_nonce() ...

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