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I'll just put the main pros/cons that quickly came to my mind here. This list is not extensive. For some more info on MS have a look at at the Codex. Pro Multisite Maintain WordPress/Plugins/Themes just once. If you upgrade everything is upgraded at once Easily share content between sites. (e.g switch to blog) User Accounts can be cross-site Sites are ...


Use get_current_blog_id() to check the current site. To run on site 2 only, use this: function new_meta_values($order_id) { if ( 2 !== get_current_blog_id() ) return; /* the rest of the function code */ }


Yes, that should be enough if you don’t install poorly written plugins or themes. You should use PHP 5.5 and its built-in OPcache and a multisite setup for more sites. This will reduce load time and the resources you need for the sites.

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